Friday, 9 September 2005

Wryneck, Aspinall Way,Horwich,Lancashire. 9th September 2005

My new camera lens arrived today. A nice, brand new Canon 500mm Image Stabiliser. I was unpacking it when I got a call from Ian Corbett, that a Wryneck was at Howrich near the football ground. Superb! There was no time like the present, and to christen the lens straight away, so thats where Ive been this afternoon.
I loaded me camera case, and set off down the M6 and M61 and arrived 40minutes later. Id been given directions to Aspinall way, which was on the shopping complex. There were a handful of birders assembled on the path so I decided to walk to the opposite end of the path, as the bird seemed to be heading that way.
Both Steve Round and myself, squatted in the bushes as the bird approached and the bird walked right towards us both, offering blinding views, even settling to stretch its wings. It got so close as it walked by that focus was unachievable.
I was very happy with the results and the lens performed superbly.
Im now itching to get out with it and improve my photography by waiting for the next bird to twitch, (and photograph).