Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Barrow's Goldeneye, River Teith,Callender,Stirlingshire,Scotland.19th December 2006

Hazel and me have been up to Callender in Stirlingshire Scotland today, to see the Barrow's Goldeneye that's currently up there. On arrival, the weather was appalling. Thick mist covered the River Teith and visibility was about 20 metres.
When I got me camera out of the case, I realised the battery was flat., so whilst the mist was around, I paid a visit to the local police station to ask whether I could charge it up. This wasn't a problem, so I plugged it in, and said I would return in about an hours time to pick it up. This time would give Hazel and me the chance to find the bird.
We found the bird further down the river, and a local told us that it will return to it favourite patch of water, directly behind the police station!!!!!
We returned to the station and the battery was fine.The bird did actually return to where the local had predicted, so I tried for some images. The bird was very nervous and didn't come close at all, and add to that, the mist spoiling the light, images weren't great.

Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Woodchat Shrike, Torver Low Common, Cumbria. 9th May 2006

News of a Woodchat Shrike had me driving up to Torver in the Lake District today. Having never seen one, this was a must to connect with. The bird had been frequenting a walled area on Torver Low Common.
There were only a handful of birders present when I arrived in the car park. I got good views with me binoculars, the set up me camera.
The bird obviously had a circuit, and it was easy to get up close to the bird. It was feeding well, and dropped many pellets whilst it rested.
A beautiful day, in a superb scenic area, and wonderful weather. What more could you ask?

Friday, 14 April 2006

Laughing Gull, Marton Mere,Blackpool,Lancashire. 14th April 2006

A superb day today. News of a Laughing Gull had me scrambling to nearby Marton Mere on the outskirts of Blackpool, where it had been seen in the caravan park. It didn't take long to see the bird either, as it was coming to bread being thrown by children watching the ducks. Photographic opportunities were plentiful, as the bird landed on the fence where we were stood. It stayed for a while before going to roost on the mere, no doubt after having eaten to much.

Sunday, 5 February 2006

Humes Yellow Browed Warbler, Mardon, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear. 5th February 2006

Ive been up to Whitley Bay in Tyne and Wear today, for a Humes Yellow Browed Warbler. Its the first Humes that I've seen and I met up with me good friend and Geordie local, Tom Tams. He'd seen and photographed it yesterday, so knew exactly where it would be. It took a while to find, as it obviously has a large circuit, but it did come into view several times, and although it didnt come really close, I was reasonably happy with a few images. A typical Phyllosc warbler, it flitted about in foliage and never kept still.