Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Dotterel, Fair Snape Fell, Bowland, Lancashire 25 April 2011

Having been at work Sunday, when the birds were broadcast, I had to wait 'til the next morning to be able to get the chance to view them. Me good mate Ian Walker had been up that day with his wife Michelle and viewed the birds and was prepared to go up again early on Bank Holiday Monday morning to photograph them, before we went to Turf Moor to watch the Clarets.
Gettin up Parlick Pike with me gear made me realise how unfit I was! Once on top it was a nice walk over to Fair Snape Fell where we soon caught up with 5 Dotterels (3 males, 2 females).
Whilst up there, we were joined by Lancashire birders Brian Rafferty and me good mate Mike Watson.

Many thanks to Brian Rafferty for allowing permission in using this image.


  1. Stunning, check out

    This is a link to the birds, you will fit in well there.


  2. Cheers Andy for the kind words and the link

  3. Very nice Gary, love these Birds

  4. Cheers Dean, they're very special aren't they.

  5. Great set of images Gary,I got them at Champion Moor when there was 9 birds present.Had them all to myself for 45 mins in great light before other photographers arrived,truly stunning birds.UTC.......

  6. Fabulous series of images – I just had to click on 'Follow'. Great work – Tim

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  8. Many thanks for them kind words Tim, very much appreciated.